Cassandra Complex
Cassandra Complex, born in Los Angeles, CA 1976 and now residing in Provincetown, Massachusetts is a self-taught artist, who has served in the Army, been an EMT ambulance driver and a carny. After Her Father's Death in 2005, she quit her job as an EMT and became a graveyard shift security guard. While working she used whatever was available to paint, including different mediums, as well as different tools: fingers, brushes and even the subscription tear-out postcards from magazines. Enjoying the marks the cards made, she moved on to using playing cards and now paints more than half of each painting using cards. Her primary subject has always been the human form. Artist Statement: “My art is a meditation on, as well as an attempt to capture, the moment when a complex inner life meets the unyielding outside world. It is at this instance when the character of my subjects is truly revealed. The landscape of the face is capable of revealing, to the viewer, all the truths that have ever been known. Each subject reveals themselves in as much as what they refrain from, as they do in the most overt of expressions. In my work, I wish to expose the internal life: that secret life that lives within us all.”