Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez (Cristobal Sanchez-Lopez) I was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1966. Early in my childhood, I used the white walls of my parent’s house as a big canvas and being white it gave me the opportunity to personalize them. Noticing an interest on the arts and weary of seeing me drawing everywhere, my parents decided to send me to children’s art school at age 8. There I started to do my first oils on canvas and learned different techniques, making my first art sales to neighbors and relatives. After graduating from high school I continued my studies of the beaux arts at Pau Gargallo University in Barcelona for 9 years where I was awarded two BA degrees in Graphic Design and in Artistic Illustration and Painting. During this period I learned to be comfortable with different techniques while consecutively studying Photography and Set Design for television and stage, dedicating the time between painting and graphic design. Subsequently I had my first exhibitions at several galleries in Barcelona. During the 1992 Olympic Games I participated in the preparation of graphic designs for the Olympic Ceremonies in the same city. With my cultural background and my exposure to the works of the European masters I have channeled my expressions through my preferred means of artistic expression such as oil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic. During the last decade, my work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe and the United States. I have resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 2001. Source: