David B. Geiger
David B. Geiger is a sculptor in assorted media from cast bronze, wood, cast aluminum, kiln formed glass, and rubber. David B. Geiger holds both a B.S. and M.S. from Cornell University. From an early age the natural world was of endless fascination; from minerals to cloud formations, insect forms to flowers and leaves. An intense passion for plant life eventually led him to pursue an education in plant sciences. The many plants he grows and orchids he breeds provide much of the inspiration for his work. His early artistic studies and the visualization needed in scientific observation worked together to inform his developing sculptural vision. He has undertaken independent studies in sculpture at Cornell under Jack Squier and Roberto Bertoia. Inspired by the structural components of plants as varied as orchid flowers, fungal bodies, seeds, tree branches, and roots, then considering the relationships involved in processes as varied as evolution, pollination and reproduction, Geiger has developed a vision which melds these various concepts into abstract sculptures. Life by the sea, as well as concepts of the human condition have further informed his vision. His paintings have remained representational. He currently lives in Chilmark, MA on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with his partner, John, and their Boston Terrier, Fletcher.