Fabrizio Tiribilli
Being born in Florence on Feb. 8, 1963, and growing up in a city so rich in beauty was perfect for me, who has always been, since childhood, very curious, creative and a drawing lover. I began my studies at the Art Institute for Ceramics in Sesto Fiorentino. I went on to attend the faculty of Contemporary Art History at the University of Florence under the guidance of Antonio Del Guercio, thanks to whom I also learned the basics of conceiving and setting up exhibition events. During the same years I refined my drawing technique at Mary Ann Luchetti's school. To this day I still love to learn and study deeply: every choice in my work is supported by a why. A painter all my life, I have embraced various disciplines over time: ceramist, designer, exhibition curator and art director, art critic, graphic designer, interior designer, etc. This plurality of experiences allows me today to approach each creative project with freedom from prejudices and a cross-sectional vision attentive to every point of view. Even life's stumbling blocks, such as having fight cancer four times, have oriented the way I make art. I paint on OSB, a wood made of pressed chips because it restores the sense of the material (sometimes I spread the color with my fingers, caressing it like ceramic) and because the irregular chips break up the brushstrokes and figures, giving meaning and redemption to my scars. Imperfection as a source of inspiration is a theme close to my heart. Since 2018, in three years of study, constantly dialoguing with Marco Tonucci deuteran-color blinded, Freecolors-Colorblindness: endless creativity was born, it is a creative/didactic project inspired by Colorblindness to improve accessibility in online communication and public places, in education for schools and in design. Colorblindness has also influenced the way I paint: I use few colors and prefer those that allow a colorblind person to see my paintings the same way I see them, nullifying barriers and differences.