Jeff Osmond
Jeff Osmond was born in South Dakota, but grew up in the quaint rural town of Faribault, nestled in southern Minnesota. From an early age, his innate talent for drawing and painting shone through, earning him recognition with multiple awards at adult juried art exhibitions. Although he considers himself a self-taught artist, he did pursue some art instruction during his college years at the University of Wisconsin. It was there that he encountered a formidable influence in his painting journey, Professor Keiko Hara, who imparted the invaluable lesson that his purpose was to learn, not merely to complete paintings. Under her guidance, Jeff would finish a painting only to have it critiqued, subsequently priming over it to embark on a new creation. Jeff's artistic journey has led him to participate in various group exhibitions in the Boston area, culminating in his first solo show in 2004. He has also been proudly represented by other esteemed galleries in Provincetown, with his current showcase at the Woodman Shimko Gallery. In his artistic expression, Jeff wields both oil and acrylic mediums. His realistic landscapes of Provincetown and surreal still-life paintings bear witness to meticulous refinement and intricate detailing. With oils, he employs multiple layers of glazes to craft depth and precision. Conversely, his approach with acrylics takes on a more unstructured form, featuring a foundation built from unexpected hues. He then utilizes linear applications or a series of cross-hatch brushwork to instill focus. His acrylic works manifest subject matter in a style that marries chaos with control. Presently a resident of Provincetown, Jeff Osmond also spends a significant portion of his winters in Wilton Manors, Florida. His artistic journey continues to evolve as he explores diverse mediums and embraces novel techniques in his painting. Anticipate the unexpected in his future creations as he delves into alternative styles to convey his unique perspective on the world that surrounds him.