Neal Skorka
Photography is a passion that has become an integral part of my life. One of the things I enjoy about it is taking quick, in-the-moment shots. These shots are fun, and they tend to be a record of what is happening in my life. This type of photo work is constant and feeds my deeper work about light and emotion. In this deeper work, the images I create go through a concept, planning, and realization process. My goal is to do more than simply capture what I see. It is to spark a thought, establish a mood, and tell a story with each image I create. The cornerstone of my work is wildlife, and I have expanded my focus to include people. Herein lies my greatest challenge. Pictures of people in my view, need to have significance. This means that there needs to be a connection with the person, whether they are known to me or a stranger on the street. The image depends on the fleeting relationship we create together in that fraction of a second the shutter opens. Ultimately, my pictures are narratives of the world I see regardless of subject, as I strive to communicate through images.