Wayne Briggs
Wayne Briggs grew up in southern RI and has lived in various parts of Massachusetts in adulthood. Provincetown is now his home. He is a dedicated and versatile artist with a lifelong passion for art. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Science, combining his technical expertise with his creative talents. Wayne further honed his artistic skills by studying graphic and advertising design at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, one of the nation’s leading institutions for art and design education. His artistic journey was significantly influenced by his training in painting under the guidance of the esteemed artist Jeff Osmond. This mentorship allowed Wayne to develop a unique style of realism that blends traditional techniques with contemporary themes. Wayne continues to pursue different styles and mediums. Throughout his career, Wayne has been committed to exploring the intersection of technology and art, creating works that reflect both his academic background and his artistic vision. His diverse education and training have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of various artistic mediums, enabling him to produce compelling and innovative artwork. Wayne Briggs continues to create and inspire, driven by an unwavering passion for art that has been the cornerstone of his life.